Month: October 2015

Thanks, Michael and Deb!

A special thank you to Michael and Deborah Greenstein for opening their home to us for the filming of our music video/trailer/teaser on Wednesday, October 21.  Not only was their house structurally in keeping with the correct time period, but their ornate collection of Victorian antiques lent some authenticity to the set that we very much appreciated!  Even better, though, was their generous hospitality and kindness in offering us refreshments and lending us additional props for the shoot, candlesticks, oil lamps, a mirror, and even some pages dating back to the 16th century (for ‘research’, you know.)  😉

Mike and Deb, your kindness will always be remembered, and your friendship to our project means more than we can say!

Filming at Max’s Allegheny Tavern

We’d like to extend sincere gratitude to Max’s Allegheny Tavern for hosting our Board of Directors film shoot on Tuesday night.  they were gracious and accommodating to our many actors and were generous in supplying extra props that made the shoot look so much more alive.  Thank you to Erin and the rest of the staff for your hospitality.

Filming at the Penn Brewery

We’d like to thank the Penn Brewery for their hospitality in letting us film a segment for our trailer/teaser in front of their fine establishment this afternoon.  We got to speak with a representative who told us that the Penn Brewery is actually considered one of the haunted locations in Pittsburgh, supposedly occupied by the sister of one of their founding families!  How exciting to film our ghost story on a real, haunted location.  I will be interested to see what develops in the film.  MuhuhaHA!

Also, a special thank you to Bob Miller, Chris Bartko, Carl Gorr, and MaryLou Lenhart, who lent themselves as extras in the scene, and with very short notice, assumed the blue-collar identities of some enraged strikers.  Your presence added some much-needed vitality!

We are thrilled to have our first filming shoot officially under our belts.  It pleases us when we hit milestones, and we will never forget our firsts!

Steampunk Ball and Fashion Cotillion on November 20th!

The Good People of Mr. Smalls Theater have selected this project to be the beneficiary of an amazing Steampunk event that they are planning for November 20th, called the Steampunk Ball and Fashion Cotillion.  As the name suggests, guests are encouraged to come dressed in their Steampunk finery for an evening of well-mannered enjoyment, including a silent film, dancing, tea dueling (don’t know what that is?  Check it out on YouTube!  It’s fascinating!), sneak-peak performances from our upcoming project, and a special guest performance by Pittsburgh’s own Phat Man Dee.  Also, there will be a fashion show and a gadget demo of the lovely and unique steampunk designs that guests have accrued.  What better way to help out our opera project than to come out for a night of fun and entertainment with your Steampunk buddies?


Our First Live Performance

We had a great time playing our first live gig at the Evenings in Quarantine: The Zombie Opera Five-Year Anniversary Party last night at Mr. Smalls Theater.  We got to perform “The Pitch” for the Zombie Opera fans and participants.  What a treat is was to debut this song, and officially announce ourselves at long last, after more than a year of planning, writing, story-refinement, and rehearsing.  And how nice it was to perform in such an amazing venue like Mr. Smalls!  Thanks to Liz, Mike, Shaunden, and Sabrina for making it possible!