Month: May 2016

Saturday Light Brigade Interview

Did you catch Liz Rishel on the Saturday Light Brigade this past saturday? Steam was granted an interview live on the radio, and you can check it out here!

Live Twitch Stream

Saturday, June 4, starting at noon and running until four, the Steam Team and Special Guests will be running a LIVE PLEDGE DRIVE on Twitch!  There will be games, there will be sneak previews of songs, there will be steam punk demonstrations, and MORE!

Check us out at

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Steam Team in Don Giovanni


Steam members Liz Rishel (Charlotte Monroe) and Jordan Speranzo (Spencer Lawrence) performed in Undercroft Opera’s Don Giovanni last weekend, joined by Bonnie Bogovich, who is working with Steam behind the scenes and in front of the camera as a member of the Knox Mill board of directors.  The remarkable thing about this version of Don Giovanni is that Liz and Bonnie were both on a team that re-wrote the entire libretto of the opera to infuse it with elements from Bram Stoker’s Dracula.   Liz performed the role of “Zerlina” (inspired by “Lucy” from the novel), covered (understudied) by Bonnie, who also played a vampire bride supernumerary (non-speaking acting role).  Jordan covered the role of “Don Giovanni” himself, (inspired by “Count Dracula”) which he performed with Bonnie in a staged covers concert on Saturday.  William Strom (Richard Kauffer) ran the front of house crew, selling and maintaining tickets at the box office and managing concessions.

The performances were augmented through the use of a projected set of functional surrounding or inspirational images that brought the supernatural elements into play.  Each of the 4 performances went very well, and supported the mission statement of Liz, Jordan, William, Bonnie, and the other artists to present opera that appeals to fans of other genres.

The above ad appeared as a full-page spread in the program, promoting our Kickstarter.  Please visit and make a donation.

Artwork by Marjorie Rishel



Kickstarter Week One

It’s week one of our campaign and things are going AMAZING! Thank you to everyone who pledged and shared. You are awesome. We are grateful for as much exposure as possible so please keep sharing our link at




Our Kickstarter to fund Episode One is now Live!  Please tell all your friends and let the fun times commence!


Hi Friends!!

We are excited to have launched the Kickstarter for STEAM ~ or ~ THE SPECTERS OF THE KNOX MILL.  We need your help.  Please visit the Kickstarter page at and donate to your heart’s content.  If you can’t donate today, no problem, we would ask that you take a few seconds to share the Kickstarter with your friends and family on social media.  The more people who see the Campaign, the more value your contribution gains.  Plus if we get big spikes in donations our Campaign can be featured on Kickstarter’s main page, garnering lots of views and donations.  If you’re passionate about excellent music, rich storytelling, and the Steampunk aesthetic, please help us raise the funds we need to create a film that will satisfy.  Make sure to find us on, and on twitter @SteamOpera and help us spread the word!


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