Steam creators lend their love of Victorian literature to a brand new project, re-framing Bram Stoker’s classic Dracula as a podcast, in this innovative new project, The Dracula RadioPlay Experience. Steam members Liz Rishel, Sean Lenhart, Bonnie Bogovich, and Judy Kirby team up with Gwen Schmidt to breathe new life into this timeless work through the use of modern technology. This radio play features a full cast of characters, sound effects, and thematic music to set the tone of the drama. To complete the experience, each episode of this novel is released on the date that each character chronicles the happenings, so the listener may feel the passage of time as the story unfolds.

Steam’s Liz Rishel plays “Lucy Westenra” in addition to her role as Story Continuity Supervisor, maintaining a technical knowledge of the story. Sean Lenhart plays “Dr. John Seward” and also formats the novel as a script and assists with audio scrubbing. Bonnie Bogovich performs as “Mina Murray Harker” while capturing the essence of each episode through editing, sound effects, and music, as the Audio Engineer/Designer/Composer. Judy Kirby, in addition to lending her voice as “Vampire Bride”, hosts special ‘behind the scenes’ episodes of the podcast where listeners meet the creators and learn what motivated this project.

The project runs concurrently with the novel, having begun on May 3rd, and running until November 6th.

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