We’d like to thank the Penn Brewery for their hospitality in letting us film a segment for our trailer/teaser in front of their fine establishment this afternoon.  We got to speak with a representative who told us that the Penn Brewery is actually considered one of the haunted locations in Pittsburgh, supposedly occupied by the sister of one of their founding families!  How exciting to film our ghost story on a real, haunted location.  I will be interested to see what develops in the film.  MuhuhaHA!

Also, a special thank you to Bob Miller, Chris Bartko, Carl Gorr, and MaryLou Lenhart, who lent themselves as extras in the scene, and with very short notice, assumed the blue-collar identities of some enraged strikers.  Your presence added some much-needed vitality!

We are thrilled to have our first filming shoot officially under our belts.  It pleases us when we hit milestones, and we will never forget our firsts!