The Steam Team is hard at work getting ready for Vandalia-Con, as well as starting design work for Episode 1 filming. Steam welcomes our new Production Designer/ art director, Jess Bala to the project. Jess’s visual talent was implemented previously as Liz’s Makeup Designer for “The Pitch” Music video shoot at Mr. Smalls Theater, and she is gung ho to carry that vision into the design of our Pittsburgh Industrial Revolution Steampunk world! FilmDesign
(Above: Film Design and Production Meeting with Liz Rishel, Scott Lewis, Jess Bala, and Edwin Huang.)

But in addition to that, the band is working out the last few kinks from their set that they have prepared for Vandalia-Con, by holding extra rehearsals. A sleepy, bleary-eyed Steam Team met to play through the set last weekend at 10 AM after a late rehearsal ended the night before. We had to make best use of William Strom, who had driven up from Syracuse just for the occasion.
(A disheveled band meets in the AM to run through the set: Liz Rishel, William Strom, Jordan Speranzo, and Sean Lenhart.)

Liz’s Keyboard just got a pro tune-up, and we are excited for the days ahead!