Our Kickstarter to fund Episode One is now Live!  Please tell all your friends and let the fun times commence!


Hi Friends!!

We are excited to have launched the Kickstarter for STEAM ~ or ~ THE SPECTERS OF THE KNOX MILL.  We need your help.  Please visit the Kickstarter page at www.kickstarter.com/profile/steamtheopera and donate to your heart’s content.  If you can’t donate today, no problem, we would ask that you take a few seconds to share the Kickstarter with your friends and family on social media.  The more people who see the Campaign, the more value your contribution gains.  Plus if we get big spikes in donations our Campaign can be featured on Kickstarter’s main page, garnering lots of views and donations.  If you’re passionate about excellent music, rich storytelling, and the Steampunk aesthetic, please help us raise the funds we need to create a film that will satisfy.  Make sure to find us on facebook.com/steamtheopera, and on twitter @SteamOpera and help us spread the word!


The Steam Team