When I’m alone in the house, I tend to click on one of three apps for my own personal entertainment- Netflix, YouTube, or the Infuse App that allows me to stream my digital collection of movies and shows.  I enjoy watching new things, but I also like to revisit old favorites.  These are usually the things I put on in the background when I’m making dinner or doing chores.  When I think about consuming media, be it art, entertainment, news, educational, or combinations of those things, this experience of sharing my media with my mobile life is the first thing that comes to mind.

Steam ~ or ~ The Specters of the Knox Mill is designed to be released on YouTube for the general public to enjoy.  We love the idea that our audiences will be able to deck out across the couch, open up their YouTube App, and watch our show alone or with friends from anywhere in the world, but the idea that makes me smile is the thought that perhaps someone will one day decide to throw on Steam while folding laundry or making dinner.  It’s the double-tasking activities that feel the most meaningful- the experience of a familiar voice that whispers, “Hello friend.  I’m here for you whenever you need me.”


-Written by Liz Rishel