Trouble at the Mill

Francis C. Knox, the owner of the Knox Mill, has died unexpectedly.  His failure to name his successor has created turmoil among the board of directors, and the ghosts that haunt the mill.  In desperation, the board turns to Charlotte Monroe, an obsessed, but brilliant engineer, and commission her to build a machine that will contact the souls of the dearly departed and answer the question that everyone’s been asking:  Who does Knox choose as his heir?  Will he choose Richard Kauffer, his right-hand man, who knows the intricacies of Knox’s business strategy, or will he choose W.H. Avery, the safety inspector who acts on behalf of the Knox Mill Workers’ Union?  And how will Charlotte react when she is obligated to train Spencer Lawrence, her cocky young apprentice?  Sparks will fly as these four ambitious adversaries battle their demons to claim their true place in the Knox Mill.