Everyone knows some cliches about Opera, and a few questions to ask.  But when you meet an opera singer for the first time, here’s a countdown of the the five things an opera singer wants to hear THE LEAST:

5.) nothing.

4.) dead. silence.

3.) crickets chirping and a distant cough.

2.) you opening your mouth as if to say something, and then closing it again.

1.) the sound of the moisture evaporating off of your eyeballs as you zone out into a glassy stare.


You keep us and our art relevant when you relate to us on your terms.  Sure, there are some questions opera singers are used to answering, but as long as people are asking them, that means they care.  Don’t ever hesitate to voice your curiosity about opera, because we love this art, we’re passionate about it, and we would love to discuss it with you.  We know that your background is not the same as ours.  The moment you feel too inexperienced to ask questions, or worry that you might embarrass yourself, that’s when we hear the thing we dread the most—  an entire population letting us become irrelevant.


-by Liz Rishel